4″ Adjustable Square Shower Trim Flat White

SKU: 14586 Manufacturer: Liteline Manufacturer Number: RTM415S-FWH  Specification Sheet (EN)


Product Details

The RTM415S adjustable shower trim combines a watertight design with an adjustable light source for just the right orientation of light in the shower or other wet locations. The contemporary design makes it ideal for use in foyers, hallways, living rooms and offices.


Constructed of precision stamped 0.040″ steel flange with a super low profiLe. Finished with enamel paint or plating. Inner specular reflector is constructed of precision spun aluminum


Frosted glass lens designed to protect the lamp from moisture, shield heat and provide a softer light source.


Three pressure mounting clips constructed of steel to provide enhanced rigidity


12V MR16 (GU5.3 base), 35W max., 120V MR16 GU10, 35W max. ., 120V MR16 E26, 35W max.

Aiming Adjustment

The lamp holder provides for a vertical tilting capability of up to 30°.


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Fixture Color
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