4″ Trim with Tilting Gimbal Taupe

SKU: 15446 Manufacturer: Liteline Manufacturer Number: RTM418T-TP  Specification Sheet (EN)


Product Details

The RTM418T is a powder-coated steel round gimbal trim. Simply designed to allow a clean look while still being functionally adjustable. The adjustable aiming capability (35° from vertical) provides versatility for a wide range of accent and task applications.


Constructed of powder-coated steel with a low profile. Includes 2 enhanced side pressure clips in the lamp holder to accommodate halogen and LED MR16, GU10 and PAR16 lamps, which self center when installed into the trim. Finished with various colours to meet any design requirement. Lamp is rear loaded.

Aiming Adjustment

The trim includes a tilting center lamp holder that adjusts up to 35° and maintains the set angle, providing a wide range of accent and task applications.


Two stainless steel torsion clips provide enhanced rigidity within the housing.


MR16 (GU5.3 base), 75W max., 12V.
MR16 (GU10 base) 50W max. 120V.
MR16 (E26 base) 50W max. 120V.
LED MR16 (E26 base)., 120V.
LED MR16 (Bi-Pin GU5.3 base), 120V.
LED GU10, 120V.


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